About us 

The SzegEd TRombone ENsemble was founded in Szeged by György Gyivicsan, former professor of Faculty of Music, University of Szeged, present docent of Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music of Budapest, inviting his most talented students among whom many current artists of leading orchestras in not only Hungary, but also in other European countries can be found. 

Since their inception, they have released 4 CDs.

    2016 New Horizons

    2018 Unlimited

    2019 Wind Tunnels


Although initially the band performed mostly their own transcriptions, they are starting to play more and more compositions written especially for them by young composers. For instance, there is a piece of music composed for the band by an American composer at Wind Tunnels, their latest album. 

In 2019. autumn released OVERTONALITY 4th CD, unlike the previous albums, contains compositions written exclusively by the composers of Studio 5, including Judit Varga, Máté Bella, Bence Kutrik, Árpád Solti and András Gábor Virágh. 

    It can be seen as an evidence of the band’s popularity that concerning several aspects, their YouTube channel was placed 4th among all the channels dealing with trombone by an independent international company. 

The success of SzegEd TRombone ENsemble lays in its unique sounding. The eight-member group consists usually of six tenor trombones and two bass trombones, but sometimes they change this compilation to accommodate several tunes. The members may occasionally play on alto trombone, euphonium, even on contrabass trombone. The musicians are also used to performing in smaller formations, as they easily switch into quartet or sextet ensembles. Members are solo artists on their instruments yet flexibility, being one of the main traits of each individuals, allows them to become great accompanists of each other while playing together. Completed  with percussion and other brass instruments the ensemble can perform genuine specialities of all sort of different music genres. 

    During the performance they constantly prove the audience that there is life beyond the limits of their instruments: the ensemble is characterized by virtuosity and sound-range that can be described as extreme in the trombone world. Their exclusive instrumentation is individually tailored to and for them. Because of the deliberate instrument-unlikeness, the members find themselves in the most challenging situations. Thus, breaking down the limits of the instrument, the musicians enter into the musical space where they stand in front of the audience not any more as eight soloists but as the "SzegEd TRombone ENsemble". Their performances,  supplemented by classic, homogenous trombone ensemble sound give the audience an extraordinary colourful musical experience. 


The SzegEd TRombone ENsemble is more than just a "group of performers". Thanks to their cooperation since 2005 they have become a true musical community, and this is undoubtably heard and felt during the concerts. György Gyivicsan draws from his experience as soloist, symphonic orchestra member and chamber ensemble player to create an ever-renewing, innovative team in the SzegEd TRombone ENsemble.


György Gyivicsan

Zoltán Czirok

András Pálfy

Márk Tóth

József Vörös

Tamás Lovay

Cristopher Kozma

Dávid Sztranyák

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