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 About us 

The SzegEd TRombone ENsemble, abbreviated as SETREN, was founded in 2006 from some of the most talented trombone players of the University of Szeged, led by György Gyivicsan, international soloist and former trombone professor of the University of Szeged.


The ensemble soon graduated from the university, and after graduation, many of its members have acquired positions in some of the leading orchestras and ensembles across Hungary, Europe, and the entire world. 


This special ensemble of eight musicians have been sought out all over Hungary and are regular performers at prestigious international festivals. They took part in the IPV Trombone Festival in Saarbrücken, Germany’s largest trombone event, an international brass meeting in Burgdorf, Switzerland, and the Lille Trombone Festival in France, which is considered to be Europe’s most prestigious trombone festival. Additional concerts have been given in Poland, Croatia, and Romania.


Their musical repertoire includes a diverse variety of musical styles. The program ranges from baroque, classical, romantic, contemporary, film music, and music that is popular currently today. In addition to being an active performing ensemble, 6 albums have been released. Their work is available on all music streaming platforms and has garnered international recognition with nearly a hundred videos on their YouTube channel.


The ensemble finds it important to highlight works of young rising Hungarian composers. Nothing proves this better than their album “Overtonality’, that was released in 2019, featuring almost exclusively the works of young contemporary composers, named such as Judit Varga, Máté Bella, Bence Kurtik, András Gábor Virágh, and Árpád Solti.


The first self-organized international trombone festival of the ensemble, SETRENfest, will be held in the summer of 2022, providing a unique opportunity for young trombonists to have access to learn from the ensemble and artists around the world.


Due to their work, members of the ensemble mostly live and work in Budapest, including artistic director and founder, György Gyivicsan, who has been named Trombone Professor of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest ever since 2019. In memory of the development and initial success in Szeged, the legacy of SzegEd TRombone ENsemble will continue to stay for many years to come as the permanent name.


György Gyivicsan

Zoltán Czirok

András Pálfy

Márk Tóth

József Vörös

András Dénes

Cristopher Kozma

Dávid Sztranyák

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